Women’s Voice Constitution

1. Name of Group
The name of the group will be Women’s Voice

2. Aims
The aims of the group will be:
a) to bring together women from different backgrounds to raise
awareness and
understanding of each others lives;
b) to promote women’s empowerment, self confidence, positivity,
understanding and acceptance of differences;
c) to promote and support equal opportunities for women locally,
nationally and internationally;
d) to organise events that enhance the social, artistic, educational, health
and emotional well being needs of women;
e) to provide a forum for women to meet on a regular basis to discuss
issues and topics that affect their lives.

3. Powers
To further its aims the group will have the power to:
a) obtain, collect and receive money or funds by way of contributions,
donations, grants and any other lawful methods of fund raising;
b) to co-operate with other agencies, community groups, charities and
voluntary organisations operating in the furtherance of similar aims or
purposes and to exchange advice and information with them;
c) do all such lawful things as will further the aims of the group.

4. Membership
a) Membership will be open to all women within Hastings and
surrounding areas, regardless of age, class, sexuality, ethnicity, faith,
political beliefs or disability.
b) All members will have the right to participate in decision making by
attendance at meetings.
c) All members will agree with the aims of the group.

5. The Committee
a) The Committee shall be made up of members.
b) The Committee shall consist of a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and
Secretary (the Officers) and other Committee members who do not hold
officer posts.
c) There will be no more than 13 committee members in total.
d) The Committee may co-opt members onto the Committee to fill any
vacancies that may arise during its year of office. The Committee may
also co-opt other members onto the Committee where appropriate. These
members will be co-opted to serve on the Committee until the conclusion
of the next AGM.
e) The Committee shall have the power to remove elected and co-opted
members from the Committee. This may be done either as a result of
misconduct, or if a member fails to attend three consecutive committee
meetings without giving apologies.
f) A record of meetings, decisions and transactions will be kept.

6. Finances
a) The funds of the group, including all donations, contributions and
bequests shall be paid in a bank account operated by the group.
b) A minimum of three members of the group will act as signatories. All
cheques drawn on the account must be signed by at least two of the
c) The funds belonging to the group will only be used to further the aims
of the group.
d) An up-to-date record of all income and expenditure will be kept and
examined independently and presented at each AGM.

7. Meetings
a) The group will meet at least three times a year, one of these meetings
will be an Annual General Meeting (AGM) when the Officers and
Committee will be elected. General meetings shall be held as required.
b) The business of the AGM will be to elect the new committee, accept
committee reports and approve and adopt the accounts.
c) At least 28 days notice of the date, time, venue and agenda of the AGM
shall be given to all members of the organisation.
d) The quorum at meetings shall be one-third of the committee members
to enable the business of the group to be carried out and to make
e) An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called at any time at
the request of the committee or no less than four group members. A
notice giving the date, time and place and reason for the meeting will be
sent to all members 28 days in advance.
f) Proposals to change the constitution must be given to all members 28
days before a meeting and approved by a two-thirds majority of those
g) All members are entitled to vote at AGMs and EGMs.
h) In the event of a tied vote the Chair of the meeting shall have a second
or casting vote.

8. Dissolution
a) The group may be dissolved by a resolution passed by a simple two-
thirds majority of those present at a meeting.
b) After payment of all bills, any assets remains shall be distributed to
other charitable groups or organisations having similar aims to the
group, or to other charitable purposes as the group may decide.

May 2016