This Is Not Love

This Is Not Love presents the real life testimonies of women who have survived domestic violence and coercive control. Their words are spoken by professional actors. It is a powerful and moving piece of work.

The video has been produced by Women’s Voice to highlight the realities of domestic abuse and coercive control and hopefully to provide a resource that can be used to bring women together to share their experiences, support each other and develop strategies for empowerment and change.

Context Domestic abuse and coercive control are among the most urgent issues facing women. Incidence is high in Hastings and St Leonards, made worse by lockdown, which has trapped women in their homes, in abusive relationships.

Background Pre-Covid Women’s Voice was approached by a local woman wishing to share her story of surviving an abusive relationship in order to help other women and perhaps provide some guidance or warnings for younger women. Responding to this and with Covid restrictions in place, Women’s Voice decided it would be good to gather women’s testimonies and see if there was some way of making them public.

Assuring complete anonymity, Women’s Voice invited local women who send in their experiences and decided that professional actors would read the testimonies. We made a call-out for actors and received a huge response. Given lockdown, those selected filmed themselves in their own homes, sending in their tapes. The separate films were then edited into one by a local professional editor. This video, This Is Not Love, is the result.

Using this video: Women’s Voice welcomes ideas on how this video can be best used. This Is Not Love is powerful and moving. It can be viewed as a standalone but Women’s Voice feels it should also be used not just to highlight the realities of domestic abuse but also for discussion and to develop strategies to combat violence against women and to lobbying for improved support services and resources.

NOTE: Women’s Voice holds copyright. Anyone using the movie or extracts from must acknowledge Women’s Voice as the producer. 

If you would like to use this video please contact us directly to discuss either by email or using the contact form on this website.