This Is Not Love – Legacy

On average two women a week die at the hands of male partners. Violence and sexual attacks on women are endemic. Responding to this situation local group Women’s Voice applied to Comic Relief for funding to organise events and highlight the reality of violence against women. The application was successful and with the funding from Comic Relief, Women’s Voice hosted a series of events for local women where they could talk about their experiences, express their anger, and look at ways of demanding change.

This legacy scrapbook captures some of the events and the flavour of the project. It includes words from women who experienced and have survived domestic abuse and coercive control. There are powerful statements from women responding to the murder of Sarah Everard in March 2021, and images and photographs from workshops and a Reclaim Streets March that brought between 150 – 200 local women onto the streets to protest and demand an end to violence against women. Also here are quotes from women who took part in the project and have provided testimony to how valuable the project has been in empowering women and bringing them together. 

The project is now over but its legacy continues. Women are coming together to set up a women’s peer support network to provide support and advice for women in Hastings and St Leonards who are experiencing abuse and harassment from men. Women who took part are also determined to carry on highlighting the issues, with plans to visit local schools and continue lobbying for change.

Women’s Voice would like to thank Comic Relief for funding this project; we are very grateful for their support.  Many women made this project happen and all deserve thanks, in particular Sabina, Kirsty and Megan who led on the project, filming, promoting events through social media, writing, and facilitating workshops. Also Lorna, Jen and Emily who provided artworks, helped to produce placards and facilitated workshops. Thanks too to other committee members, volunteers – and all the women who participated, without whom there would have been no project.

January 2022

Participant Testimonies
Vigil Speeches
Project Photos