Past Projects

Pop up museum Project

This exciting project involved Women’s Voice partnering with Hastings Museum that includes a visit to the Museum, followed by a series of creative workshops through which women can tell their stories through words, photographs, pictures, ceramics and textiles. The aim wasto create a Pop-Up Museum which was displayed at the Museum and locally elsewhere. The project was open to all women and children welcome.

Conversation, Cinema and Cooking Project

The project aimed to build relationship between disadvantaged and socially isolated women by providing 3 different types of activities during spring 2014.

CONVERSATION: We held a debate/discussion day in conjunction with the University of Brighton, at the Hastings Campus. This discussion was around the issues surrounding the sexualisation of young women including Media representation and over exposure to sexual imagery. This discussion included two speakers Betiel Beraki (Object) and Sarah Owen whom are female community leaders and academic experts in gender and equality issues. Women from the local community were be invited to join in the discussion and have their voices heard. The event held 3 workshops about how the media, society and peer pressure sexualise women:

  • Media and imagery
  • Media and language
  • Media and portrayal of women from different cultures

CINEMA: The aim was to celebrate “Women Go Global” and highlight women’s global issues by showing movies from regions where women’s rights are impaired by political or traditional establishments. It was a 4 week cinema festival using women film makers with panel discussion afterwards led by a woman from that culture. 

12th June – Afghanistan – film maker Janey Moffat
19th June – I am a Slave – film maker Gabriel Range
26th June – Extraordinary Times – film maker Su Warren
30th June – WADJDA – film maker Haifaa al-Mansour

COOKING: The aim was to have a journey around the World by exploring and tasting dishes from different countries though cooking demonstrations. It was be held in The Stade – Hastings Old Town. The demonstrations were held in small informal groups:

  • Week One: African and Caribbean cuisines (East Africa – Uganda – Jamaica – Uzbekistan)
  • Week Two: Middle Eastern cuisines (Morocco – Egypt – Iran – Yemen)
  • Week Three: Central Asian cuisines (Bangladesh – India – Hungary – Kurdistan – Afghanistan)
  • Week Four: European cuisines (Ireland – Turkey – Poland – Italy)
  • Week Five: Far Asian cuisines (China – Thailand – Malaysia – Caribbean)
  • Week Six: Family fun day
  • Week seven: food hygiene training, how to run a food stall, how to register a home kitchen