Women's Voice Policies


Child Protection Policy

This document is the Child Protection Policy for Women’s Voice, which will be followed by all members of the organisation and followed and promoted by those in the position of leadership within the organisation.
In response to an identified gap for services and provision for women both socially isolated and excluded, Women’s Voice has set up an organisation to promote women’s empowerment in the Hastings area. Launched in 2010, Women’s Voice fosters and environment of mutual respect by providing a safe social support network for women to share experience and promote togetherness. We hold events to celebrate International Women’s Day and International Children’s Day….READ MORE




Expenses policy for volunteers

The Women’s Voice’s expenses policy is designed to enable local women to participate in Women’s Voice meetings, training and volunteering. This policy does not cover every situation that may arise. If you are unsure if an item you intend to make a claim for will be paid, please contact the Chair or treasurer of Women’s Voice for clarification, before the expense is incurred. READ MORE