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Women’s Voice is very excited to announce that we have recently been awarded funds from the Tampon Tax Community Fund (via Sussex Community Foundation) to run a new project for women and girls. The project is called Finding Our Voices: Women’s Peer Support Network.  Details are still being finalised but the project will be offering free creative and practical workshops, including cooking and exercise workshops through to art and performance activities and confidence building, assertiveness and public speaking workshops. The ultimate aim is to create a women’s peer support network linking women and girls throughout Hastings and St Leonards. The project will be launched at our International Women's Day event on Sunday 10 March 2019 and will run through from March until September of this year. Details will be posted on social media and through the press so watch this space for more information. 




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For more information about the events and workshops happening in September 2018 follow this link: Booking & Events Information


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Join us on a huge suffrage march  to celebrate the centenary of (some) women winning the vote for the first time. Wear purple, green and white and assemble at 10am Warrior Square Gardens. There will be singing and music and the march will move off at about 10.45. We will process along the seafront to the town centre, where there will be more music, then move back onto the seafront to St Mary in the Castle by about 12 mid-day. All are welcome to join the procession, which will be followed by events in St Mary in the Castle. These include a massed women's choir singing songs of suffrage, theatre, film, speakers. All are welcome and refreshments will be available. 



Leading up to the march we are hosting free singing workshops where you can learn the songs of suffrage and join the women's choir. Workshops take place at the Salvation Army Hall, St Andrew's Square from 2pm - 4pm on Saturday 19 May; Saturday 9 June and Saturday 16 June. There will be a full 'dress' rehearsal from 6-8pm at St Mary in the Castle on Friday 22 June. Come and join us and raise your voices in the songs of suffrage. 

For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or rossana on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






International Women's Day Celebrations: Saturday 10th March:

Join Women’s Voice on Saturday 10 March to celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day at Azur, Marina Pavilion, St Leonards from 12.30-3.30pm.


This marks the 11th year that Women’s Voice has hosted International Women’s Day events.

This year’s theme is #Press for Progress. The afternoon event, which is free, will consist of film, music, dance, speakers and discussion. There will be a short talk about local women’s fight for the vote and a chance to talk to local women councillors about what it’s like, 100 years later, to be a woman in politics today.


Speaking for Women’s Voice, Ann Kramer said “This year we celebrate those campaigning women who won us the vote 100 years ago. But despite that great achievement, we know women still have a long way to go to achieve true equality. Worldwide there seems to be a re-energised women’s movement so, using the theme of #pressforprogress, we will honour the legacy and sacrifice of the suffragettes and also call out for local women to talk about what needs to be done to achieve full equality.”




BOXERCISE! Women's Voice is hosting free exercise classes for women at the Broomgrove Community Centre on Mondays 10-11am. There are also Body Fit sessions on Fridays 10-30-11.30am. A free creche is provided. For more information call: 0785 486794. All women are welcome; the sessions are fun.  



Pop up Museum

Pop up Museum: The project explored ways women’s lives are represented historically using local museum collections, and encouraged women to consider objects from their own homes as museum exhibits. We wanted to investigate how our sense of identity, family and community contribute to our ideas about heritage.
Throughout history there has always been a rich relationship between art and museums as a way of understanding the world, interpreting and representing it. We invited women to tell their stories using tile making, textiles and creative writing. In the final project the members created bunting of figures of women that were important to them, for one it was women artists, for another her mother and sister and another felt each of her characters represented a part of herself.
The Pop-up Museum was shown in different locations in Hastings ending with a show at the Hastings Museum and Art Gallery in October 2014
This was an opportunity to get together with like-minded women and to learn new techniques. They also felt they were challenged by trying new ways of working, and that they were developing their skills. It seemed like the old days of the sewing bee, when women got together to create, socialise, and share ideas. The event brought women together, they worked individually, whilst also working together to produce a shared body of work.


Global Kitchen

Global Kitchen:The Global Kitchen project took the participants to a journey around the world cuisines. A journey where participants explore other cultures through series of cooking workshops.
The project aimed to celebrate cultural diversity of Hastings and St. Leonards by bringing local women of different cultures at the newly built and well equipped kitchen of “The Classroom on the Coast”. The participants shared passion for cooking and desire to develop cooking skills. The project provided level one Food Hygiene training for women who wished to increase their employability skills and had business ideas.
Through spring 2014, Hastings had 5 weeks of cooking workshops consisted of Asian, Middle Eastern, European, African and Caribbean cuisines. Over 70 women took part in the workshops. Perhaps some of them were a bit intimidated by trying different ingredients. The project encouraged participants to step out of the box and develop cooking skills by trying out new ingredient. Over 20 women took the opportunity and participate at the Food Hygiene training and three of them are currently running their own business.
So much of the enjoyment of Global Kitchen project was based on talking, tasting and sharing. The food demonstrators shared their heritage and cultural identities by sharing the stories behind the recipes. Download Recipes' Cards


Film Festival event

Film Festival event: Women’s Voice celebrated “Women Go Global” by inviting people to come to a series of international films about women and what it means to be a woman. The films were shown over the month of June as follows:
12th June – ‘Afghanistan – A Difficult Birth’ - film maker Janey Moffat
19th June –‘I am a Slave’ - film maker Gabriel Range
26th June – ‘Extraordinary Times’ – film maker Su Warren
30th June – ‘WADJDA’ – film maker Haifaa al-Mansour
The films were held at the Hastings Arts Forum from 7pm – 9pm with free light refreshments and all were welcomed.
The film festival overall went well thanks to great support from Dawn Dublin from St. Leonards Film Club and also from Gill Knight and wonderful food from Da Dunn. We were also supported by other WV committee members who were able to attend and we all worked together as a team to enable a relaxed environment for people to talk about the films and to network with each other. We made some new connections and collected people’s contact details. Generally, people were very interested to know about Women’s Voice and our work in the community.
Over the month the numbers of people attending increased and people asked for more events like these where there could be discussions about the films.
Two of the film makers were women who live in Hastings: ‘Afghanistan – A Difficult Birth’ - film maker Janey Moffat and ‘Extraordinary Times’ – film maker Su Warren. Both Janey Moffat and Su Warren were able to attend the showing of their films and to facilitate the discussion afterward. Su Warren came with three of the women who were interviewed in her film. These women were all in their 90’s and were such a positive contradiction to the general view people have of old age.


Conversation event: took place at the White Rock Hotel from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm and was attended by about 20 women. Three women were from the HBC.
We viewed a clip from the Miss Representation film for about 20 minutes. It addressed the issues of how the media treat powerful women, the language that is used on the media about women and the history of how women have been portrayed by the media.
Shiva gave an introduction about Women’s voice followed by a short talk from Judy from HBC. After showing the film clip we had a discussion. Marylyn made notes and also documented people’s feedback and action points. It was pointed out that our conversations format was useful in that we had an open forum following a film clip which shaped the discussion. The discussion continued while we shared the lunch. The overall feedback was that the event was good and the atmosphere, planning, timing and structure laid the foundation for an excellent discussion


conv photo 2

Women’s Voice debate: More than 50 women attended the Women’s Voice debate ‘I am a Person: Don’t make me an object’, on the sexualisation of young women, which was held on 7 March. Betiel Baraki, from campaigning Object, who have lobbied hard against Page 3 and Lads Mags, opened the debate, speaking in great detail about how the media trivialises and sexualises women, followed by local Labour parliamentary candidate, Sarah Owen, who discussed the trivialising and sexualising of women, including women MPs. Three workshops followed to discuss specific aspects of sexualisation including the role of the media, sexist language and the way the media presents women of different cultures. The debate was an enormous success, sparking off many ideas for future actions and campaigns. Women’s Voice intends to follow this success with small events over the course of the next few months. 




Shiva and Gill were invited to give a presentation to an Amicus Horizon forum at the Sussex Exchange today. They spoke about Women's Voice highlighting IWD. 30 people attended and they ran a group discussion around women's current issues afterward the presentation. This resulted in a lively discussion and new contacts were made. 








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