Board and Committee Members

Shiva Serati 
Shiva Serati founded Women’s Voice in 2006. Shiva’s aim is to bring women’s global issues to local attention through events such as International Women’s Day and by organising workshops where women can come together to explore all aspects of their lives through creative and discussion workshops on many topics from violence against women through to discovery equality and diversity.

Board Members:

Ann Kramer, Trustee
Ann has been a member of Women’s Voice since 2010. An author and historian, she has a particular interest in women’s history and has for many years been committed to challenging sexism and improving the rights of women.

Agatha Coffey – Trustee
Agatha Coffey has been involved with Women’s Voice for two years.  She is a retired Mental Health Social Worker and worked in both the Statutory and Voluntary sector for many years.  Agatha has been a feminist since the 1970’s and is committed to working for women’s rights.  Agatha hopes that the work she contributes will make a difference to people’s lives. Her other interests are singing, growing food and art.

Rona Drennan Trustee
Rona is a retired medical secretary and remains an active member of her local hospital branch of UNISON with special interests in women’s equality, peace and international solidarity. Rona has been on the committee since 2016 and a Trustee since January 2018.  She is currently (2020) jobsharing the Committee Secretary role.

Committee Members:

Emily Johns
I am an artist, a co-operator, a publisher, a community organiser and I work for Peace News, an antimilitarist newspaper and I teach printmaking at Hastings College. I have lived in St Leonards for 19 years. I am part of Women’s Voice because there is still a long way to go to reach a society that works better for women, for men and for other species! Women’s Voice is feminism in action at the town level and WV’s work has nurtured community, inspired, empowered and brought joy to many women in Hastings.

Lorna Vahey
A painter and teacher, born in Pett in 1946. I have been involved in the woman’s movement from the 1970s, and with the campaign against nuclear power, the peace movement, and most important today, with climate change.

Gill Knight
Gill has been a member of the Committee since 2009. A long overriding passion for her is the empowerment of womennot only to enrich for their lives but also to strengthen our communities. Also as a peace activist nationally and internationally, she has a particular interest in the plight of the Palestinians. Her previous employment includes teaching at Hastings College and account management in the computer industry.

Sabina Arthur
Sabina is an actor and joined the Women’s Voice committee after performing at the 2018 Women March event. As an activist and feminist, she was involved in the No More Page 3 and Tampon Tax campaigns, has worked with animal rights and anti-austerity organisations and campaigns for representation and equal opportunities for people from Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority backgrounds in Hastings.

Carol Hughes
Carol arrived in Hastings in 1993 and was the first woman to be employed by Hastings Borough Council (HBC) as an Environmental Health Officer, where “I saw the effect that poor, insecure housing had on the wellbeing of women and their families.” She came to Women’s Voice late in life but is “so very glad that I did.”